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About Us

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We transform an art business through strategy, tactics, and cooperative execution.

Groups of artists working together become an astounding collective and a quite amazing compounding marketing force, each reinforcing the message of the others.

Suzanne Birrell

I'm a teacher, graphic artist, editor, screenwriter, actor, director, singer, bass player, painter, sculptor and whatever other creative forces grabs my attention to direct my focus on today.

Chuck Jones

I am a creative artist. I study the past master’s techniques and those put forward by my fellow contemporaries. I’m a sponge who lived a life soaking up every scrap of knowledge possible to create something fresh, something new with my own work. I’m an adventurer in spirit and deed known for getting my assignments completed the right way, on time and on budget. I’ve been an entrepreneur since resigning my corporate 9-5 job shortly after I was old enough to vote. As an early pioneer in microcomputers, I've been a programmer, designer, systems analyst, and a photographer since I was a young man.

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